​How we do it.

Why we do it.

Carne 250 is the culmination of chef Sean Roberts' 20 years in the culinary industry. After growing up in San Antonio and graduating from the University of Texas with a philosophy degree, he moved to Seattle to attend culinary school.  During that time and after graduation, he worked at many of the city's best restaurants before moving to Walla Walla, WA to open a catering company and manage a wine bar to serve the town's 130+ wineries.

After 7 years in Washington, he returned to Austin in 2006 and worked as executive chef and GM before starting his own private chef & restaurant consulting company with a focus on barbecue.  The next 8 years were spent cooking and researching the historic barbecue of Lockhart and the burgeoning local barbecue scene while implementing all that he learned into his own cuisine.  It was during this time that he spent an afternoon working with Micklethwait Craft Meats and his concept for Carne 250 was born!  

The birth of his daughter and wife's job transfer resulted in a move to Roswell, GA in 2015. Upon arrival, Carne 250 began. 

  Our beef is Prime Grade Certified Angus. We use Heritage Farms Cheshire pork and Springer Mountain chicken. Our Hot Guts and Cheddar-Jalapeno sausage is made for us by friends in Elgin, Texas and overnighted weekly.  Our sides are made in-house and we change them frequently to cook with the seasons.

  Our barbecue is smoked on a Shirley Fabrication offset cooker with nothing but white oak and mesquite.  We stay true to Texas and keep the seasoning simple to fully express the flavor of the meat. That's also why we don't sauce our barbecue.  We believe in maximum convection while cooking and find it produces superior barbecue with a likeness to dry aging. Our food is prepared a'la minute, and we serve trailer-to-tray to ensure that you get the freshest barbecue available.

​  As Tex-pats in Georgia, we can't wait to share a bit of Texas culture and cuisine with you.